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Family Legacy

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• Theme - Famlee Legacy _ OUTDOOR SESSIONS

• Legacy photos include an agreed upon theme such as shots of a parent and child who are:

  - interested in the same things

  - a talent passed down or shared by the grandparent, parent, child, godchild or relative

  - Something that both generations have a shared love, like or passion for

  - Let’s Talk Design and capture the moment you DESIRE!

  - FAMLEE PHOTOGRAPHY will assist you in making the perfect Picture Day!

• For example, Dad and son may have a love for fishing. Mom may love to read bedtime stories to her kids before bedtime. Famlee photography would capture these moments during the timeframe of the session.

• Example Session: The Henderson Family Booked the High End Package and a date was set for Saturday, May 1st. The family chose the 2 Legacy Themes. People included in the photos are Dad, Mom, Son & Daughter. They chose 2 locations. Both locations were in walking distance but could have been a 20 or 30 minute drive away.

• They selected a personable garden and nature park that had a shopping center that was one street over. Famlee Photography was able to capture several photos of the nature background with the whole family and special mixed family shots such as: Dad & Mom, Dad and Daughter, Mom & Son, Brother -Sister and so on. From there, Famlee Photography captured shots bursting with personality and character as they ate brightly colored scoops of ice cream at a fancy ice cream shop. We all simply walked over to the location while enjoying the scenery. The ice cream order and color scheme was planned ahead on Honey Book.

Family Create

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Every family is unique! Famlee Photography desires to creatively capture what sets your family apart from all other families! What makes your bond strong? What does everyone have in common? What makes each member distinct?

Theme Examples are created as a part of your order. Here are a few ideas:

• Family Photo Shots where bubbles are being blown by a child family member.

• Capturing a family picnic in the park. Taking pictures of the kids sliding down the slide or swinging on the swings.

• Mom and daughter looking at cupcakes before enjoying them.

• A child looking surprised with a balloon or with a favorite cartoon character in his or her hand.

• A newlywed couple enjoying the city sights while holding hands….walking through a downtown historic street.

• Let’s Talk Design and capture the moment you CREATE!

Family Heirloom

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Passing down your love for something? Or maybe you and your child share a the same interest. Would you like to capture this fondness? What is your family passionate about as a whole? Let’s discuss it, then capture it!

Needing pictures to upload for online profiles? Famlee Photography wants to make sure that you have the executive shots that will meet your formal needs! Whether it is for your business cards, public online pages, id cards, gravatar profiles, or promotional images, we have you covered.

More Themes

Online Presence for Women


Do you fulfill ministerial work, (i.e., missionary, inspirational speaker, clergy) or are you serving the undeserved and yet, you have no professional headshots? Famlee Photography will either give you a discount or take headshots for you if you fit the criteria and are local (Orlando, Florida). (see criteria and submit form).

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Are you a local to Orlando, Florida? 

Famlee Photography by Felicia needs photos and would love to allow you to be a part of our online gallery!