Who captures the thread that is uniquely interwoven into the fabric of families? Pictures tell a story that words do not express. Select a Theme that you feel the most confidence in creating for your photo session. View all that are available. Decide on a timeframe to have your shoot, and then connect with me so your day can happen!

Family Themes

Family Legacy

Leaving footsteps to follow is no easy endeavor! Legacy photos involve picture-taking of the whole family, a unique part of the family or several generations.

Family Create

Combining artistic photography and family is a great package! What would you like to showcase in a unique way to make your family photo stand out?

Family Heirloom

Passing down your love for some"thing?" Or maybe you and your child share a the same interest. Would you like to capture this fondness? What is your family passionate about as a whole? Let’s discuss it, then capture it!

More Samples of Family Themes

There are so many ways to pose for your preferred theme. Famlee Photography will ask probing questions to help you decide if

Family Legacy

Want to see ideas of how to prepare and pose for a Legacy Shoot? Legacy is about capturing the "who" of your family. Who makes up the generation of today, yesterday & tomorrow? Maybe you are starting fresh as the first generation. Wear it proud and get it captured professionally!

Family Create

Family Create combines art

Every family is unique! Famlee Photography desires to creatively capture what sets your family apart from all other families!

Family Heirloom

Selecting this theme showcases the beauty of passing down your love for 'something.' The difference between Legacy and Heirloom is that Legacy surrounds "who" and heirloom focuses on "a thing" is being handed down.


Needing pictures to upload for online profiles? Famlee Photography wants to make sure that you have the executive shots that will meet your formal needs! Whether it is for your business cards, public online pages, id cards, gravatar profiles, or promotional images, we have you covered.

Personal Headshot

Headshot that reveal what you want to say without words.

Personality Headshot

Perfect for social media profiles.


This headshot would look great on your professional resume or LinkedIn.

Online Headshot

Taking a fun headshot for your blog really sets the tone & helps express  your work.

Nature Headshot

A nature background provides the right shot for a plethora of online platforms.

Media Headshot

This shot goes great on a speaker lineup and on author pages or books.